Metagenomic Table of Suppliers

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DNA sequencing and analysis
454 Life SciencesAutomated DNA analysis systems including Genome Sequencer 20 and FLXBranford, Connecticut 
Applied BiosystemsAutomated sequencing systems using both Sanger methodology and next-generation SOLiD-based systemFoster City, California
Beckman CoulterAutomated DNA sequencing systems based on capillary electrophoresis using the Sanger methodFullerton, California 
BionanomatrixUsing nanofluidics platforms to develop new sequencing systemsPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania 
Complete GenomicsDeveloping sequencing technology based on a sequencing-by-hybridization approach using combinatorial probe-ligation chemistrySunnyvale, California 
CogenicsContract automated DNA sequencing services using both Sanger-based and next-generation sequencing systemsMorrisville, North Carolina 
GE HealthcareKits for automated DNA sequencing systemsBuckinghamshire, UK 
Helicos BioSciencesDeveloping HeliScope Genetic Analyzer based on single-molecule sequencing methodologyCambridge, Massachusetts 
IlluminaIllumina Genome Analyzer next-next-generation DNA sequencing systemSan Diego, California 
Licor BiosciencesAutomated DNA sequencing instrumentation using the Sanger methodologyLincoln, Nebraska 
Pacific BiosciencesDeveloping automated next-generation sequencing instrument using zero-mode waveguidesMenlo Park, California 
PromegaSupplies the fMol DNA sequencing system for manual DNA sequencing and promoter mapping applicationsMadison, Wisconsin
Roche Applied SciencesSupplies the 454 Life Sciences Genome Sequencer 20 and FLX systemsBasel, Switzerland 
Saturn BiotechFull DNA sequencing service providerPerth, Australia 
VisiGen BiotechnologiesDeveloping next-next-generation DNA sequencing based on a real-time single-molecule approachHouston, Texas 
Zymo Research CorporationDNA and RNA isolation kits; systems for sequencing reaction purification; kits for isolation of DNA from soil samplesOrange, California 
Bioinformatics tools for DNA sequence analysis
CLC BioDeveloping algorithms and software for the analysis of next-generation sequencing dataCambridge, Massachusetts 
DNAStarSoftware for DNA sequence and microarray analysisMadison, Wisconsin 
GeospizaSoftware for management of genetic dataSeattle, Washington 
SeqWrightContract automated DNA sequencing servicesHouston, Texas 
Genetic and genomic testing companies
23andMeSeeks to explore personal genomicsMountain View, California 
AncestryByDNADeveloping genetic testing products and servicesSarasota, Florida 
Athena DiagnosticsDiagnostic testing services for neurological disordersWorcester, Massachusetts 
DNADirectGenetic testing services; genetic counsellingSan Francisco, California 
GeneDxGenetic testing services; mutation confirmation servicesGaithersburg, Maryland 
Genetic TechnologiesGenetic testing services for people, animals and plantsFitzroy, Australia 
Genzyme GeneticsHuman genetic testing services for reproductive genetics and oncology/pathologyCambridge, Massachusetts 
IdentiGENGenetic testing of products for the agriculture and food industriesDublin, Ireland 
KnomeComplete genome sequencing and analysis services for individualsCambridge, Massachusetts 
Gene expression analysis
Agilent TechnologiesMicroarrays; lab-on-a-chip methods; SNP analysis softwareSanta Clara, California 
Genomic SolutionsAssay assembly for SNP genotyping; sequencing and PCRAnn Arbor, Michigan 
Operon BiotechnologiesOligonucleotide production; preprinted oligonucleotide arrays and probe setsHuntsville, Alabama 
Oxford Gene TechnologyOligonucleotide arrays for various applicationsOxford, UK 
QiagenDNA, RNA extraction kits; genotyping; haplotypingGermantown, Maryland 
TeleChem InternationalMicroarray robots, printers and scanners; microarray servicesSunnyvale, California 
VermillionBiomarker identification for drug discoveryFremont, California 
Applied BiophysicsAutomated instruments for cell monitoring and electric cell-substrate impedance sensingTroy, New York 
Alexis BiochemicalsSuppliers of reagents for molecular- and cell-biology researchLausanne, Switzerland 
Andor TechnologyMicroscopy, chemiluminescent kits, single-molecule detection, cameras and imaging solutions for FRET experiments, and total internal reflectance microscopy systemsBelfast, Ireland 
BioFlow TechnologyDeveloping bioreactor systems for cell culture in a three-dimensional enivronmentNovi, Michigan 
BiomolServices for chemical synthesis, cell culture and antibody productionHamburg, Germany 
Bio-RadProducts, instruments and software for life-sciences researchHercules, California
BMG LabtechnologiesMicroplate and array readers and handling systemsOffenburg, Germany 
Brinkmann InstrumentsLaboratory instrument supplier; consumablesWestbury, New York 
CambrexProducts for molecular- and cell-biology researchEast Rutherford, New Jersey 
EMD BiosciencesCalbiochem, Novabiochem and Novagen product linesSan Diego, California 
Enzo Life SciencesConsumables and reagents for molecular biology, gene expression and genomic analysisNew York, New York 
EppendorfConsumables for molecular biology; instrumentationHamburg, Germany 
EUGENEX BiotechnologiesDevelopment of test cell linesTaegerwilen, Switzerland 
GeneserviceGenomic and proteomic resources including DNA samples, cDNA and genomic libraries; contract services including DNA sequencing, microarray analysis and SNP genotyping.Cambridge, UK 
GilsonPipettes, automated liquid handling, liquid chromatography systems and softwareMiddleton, Wisconsin 
Hamilton CompanyAutomated liquid-handling stationsReno, Nevada 
Harvard ApparatusInstruments and equipment for electrophysiology and cell biologyHolliston, Massachusetts 
Horiba Jobin YvonSpectroscopy systems and accessories including Raman, atomic emission and UV spectroscopyEdison, New Jersey 
Integra BiosciencesEquipment for sterilization, liquid handling, cell culture and sample storageBaar, Switzerland 
InvitrogenKits and reagents for molecular-biology research; fluorescent probes for FRET experimentsCarlsbad, California
Irvine ScientificDefined media for cell-culture applications; custom media servicesSanta Ana, California 
MerckChemicals, kits and reagents for molecular- and cell-biology-related researchDarmstadt, Germany 
Molecular DevicesLiquid-handling and microplate processing equipment; imaging instrumentsSunnyvale, California 
MP BiomedicalsReagents and chemicals for researchAurora, Ohio 
Nalge Nunc InternationalLabwareRochester, New York 
New England BiolabsMolecular-biology-related reagents, kits and enzymesIpswich, Massachusetts
OpticellAutomated cell-culture devicesWesterville, Ohio 
Perkin Elmer Life SciencesInstruments, reagents and kits for life-sciences researchWaltham, Massachusetts 
Pierce ChemicalProtein assays, purification, Western blottingRockford, Illinois 
Premier BiosoftSoftware for life-sciences researchPalo Alto, California 
Roche DiagnosticsReagents and kits for molecular biology; genomics instrumentations and softwareLewes, UK 
StratageneTools and reagents for molecular biology, genomics and proteomicsLa Jolla, California 
Takara BioReagents, kits and consumables for molecular biologyShiga, Japan
Tocris CooksonChemicals for life-science research; contract research servicesAvonmouth, UK 
Wako USASpeciality chemicals supplier; clinical diagnostic reagentsRichmond,. Virginia 
USBChemicals and reagents for molecular biologyCleveland, Ohio


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