Metagenomic Innovators

Data Analysis Tools

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MEGAN : Metagenome Analyzer allows scientists to analyze large data sets and study the taxonomic units.

The Seed Database : A public database of "complete and draft genome sequences". This is used to help find relative sequences to metabolic function.

IMG.M : Provides tools that analyzes the microbial communities functional efficiency.

CAMERA : Community Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis is a project site that provides metagenomic data and bioinformatic tools. 

CARMA : This Software analyzes metagenomics by characterizing short read metagenomes.

Ribosomal Database Project (RDP)
provides data related to ribosomes and provides tools to analyze the 16S rRNA sequnce.

: NCBI's essential Cluster of Orthologous Groups of protein. This database compares protein sequences and provides "phylogenetic classification" of proteins in the genomes.

KEGG : Kyoto Encyclodpeida of Genes and Gemomes, a reference database "for linking genomes to biological systems and environments"                                                             

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Human genome research: DNA sequencing by gel electrophoresis, a technique used to examine the base-pair sequence or chemical blueprint of lengths of DNA. 


A graph that shows the result of DNA sequencing

Metagenomic Innovators
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UC Davis Genome Center Website

UC DAVIS has a large number of labs that study and provides technological programs for scientific study.

One of the labs in the Genome Center is the Eisen Lab which "focuses on understanding the genomic basis for the origin of the new functions and processes in microorganisms" (Citation 28).



UC Davis Health System Website

This is one of the publication pages in the UC DAVIS Health System. The results of this lab group's experiments, provide "a new data resource for measuring the accuracy of metagenomic binning methods, created by in vitro-simulation of a metagenomic community" (Citation 29).

They also constructed a synthetic community and sequenced its metagenome. Their data will contain "several sources of observation bias that "is likely to "affect of most metagenomic experiments to date and present challenges for comparative metagenomic studies"
(Citation 29).




 Center For Bioinformatics & Computational Biology  Website

The University of Maryland Center of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology is a multidisciplinary center that researches genomes. CBCB allows for scientists from different aspects and many fields to work together towards a better understanding of life. (Citation 30).




University of Maryland Website

The University of Maryland provides a list of useful software in the Metagenomic Field including: MetaPhyler, MetaPath, ARDB, and DNACLUST. These efficient tools have made metagenomic data analysis more accessible.



Marine Biological Laboratory Website

The Marine Biological Laboratory is a research and education center. It  provides training in biology and bio-medicine and ecology. This websites contains information that will help with metagenomic marine studies and thus advance the metagenomic field.


Simmons Laboratory Website

Simmons Laboratory performs various experiments on microbial communities and "high-throughput sequencing "to find answers about evolutionary dynamics and the significance of generic variation (Citation 31).




CorpoGen Website


CorpoGen is a private non-profit research institution. It has been officially recognized by the Colombian National Administrative Department for Science, Technology, and Innovations as one of the leading biotechnology centers of scientific research and development in the country. It includes many research groups of scientist that study the "basic genomic and biochemical aspects of human and animal pathogens, and by metagenomics, exploring the microbial biodiversity of neotropical ecosystems" (Citation 32).


EMBL Website

The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a pan-European meeting that dedicates its time to scientific research and innovation. ESOF represents a major European science and technology which connects science and society. 


Interra Website

Interra Biosciences Inc. is a supplementary corporation of Genome Prairie. Interra Biosciences studies in genomic technologies and processes. It is an "emerging bio-sciences company exploring new opportunities for growth in metagenomics and trait development" (Citation 33).



M2CL Website

The Cluster of Excellence on Multimodal Computing and Interaction was "established by the German Research Foundation (DFG) within the framework of the German Excellence Initiative in November 2007" (Citation 34).

The research of the  of the Computational Genomics and Epidemiology  group is to focus on metagenomics problems, human complex diseases and the evolution of the influenza virus.


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