Challenges of Metagenomics

    Metagenomics is a new invigorating field that has to overcome many challenges such as incompetent samples, genetic extraction methods, metagenomic library construction, or inadequate data analysis and visualization tools.

    Metagenomics provides an overwhelming amount of information and requires an even bigger database to hold all of the information. For example, the Global Ocean Sampling Project added greater than 8,000 Mbp of genomic data. It, alone, doubled the amount of genetic information on all prokaryotic species (Citation 10).


A crowd of scientists analyzing and researching  genetic information.

       Need for development of new tools and  methods

  • Scientists must collaborate to determine the best method of obtaining a sample of the environment, configuring the number of times a sample must be taken, and which qualities of the sample make it the best representative of the environment.
  • By studying the protein and metabolites (cellular process products) that are made by community of microbes, this will help us understand how the community operates and interacts with its habitat.
  • The databases that store information should be accessible and should include tools made for scientist to analyze the data (Citation 11).



        Data Analysis and Bioinformatics

  • Challenges include: how to use data to determine complete genome of individual community members", comparing various environment's diversity, concluding changes in diversity.
  • Improvement in Bioinformatics Tools is needed. This includes culturing techniques and physical separation methods (Citation 2).

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 Eppendorf tubes containing samples of DNA on a graph that shows the results of DNA sequencing


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