Metagenomics Revealed

Germs Everywhere!
or centuries, terms such as bacteria, viruses, and germs have gained a bad reputation due to their affiliation as disease causing agents (pathogens). Astonishingly, these microbes remain essential to human life. Mixing the good and the bad, only a tiny fraction of the million microbes found in Earth's vast environment classify as "harmful". Therefore the rest are helpful and essential to life.

new and exciting field named metagenomics studies the genomic analysis of microorganisms in the environment. This field allows the study of microorganisms extracted from the environment samples, bypassing the need for traditional cultural methods. Metagenomics allows the study of 99% of microorganisms that cannot be cultured or studied.  

   Since traditional genomic analysis can only take us so far; issues such as non-cultivable microbes and need of genomic diversity analysis creates the demand for the metagenomic field. 

    Metagenomics, claims its rightful place as an impressive, promising, and rich new field due to it's ability to provide new and revolutionizing information.


Metagenomic Video

This video portrays the metagenomic study of the
Human Digestive Tract. 
Beneficial Bacteria Found On Earth

Future Directions
etagenomics is the tool that will revolutionize our world. (
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Process Overview
he metagenomic process includes construction of a metagenomic library through DNA extraction from an environment sample. Then followed by cloning the DNA fragments into a cultivable bacterium and finally analyzing the cloned DNA or the metagenomic library.
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Analysis Overview
   There are two common procedures to  analysis the metagenomic library.

   Sequence-based metagenomics: The entire genetic sequence (pattern of the dour nucleotide bases Adenine, Cytosine Guanine,  and Thymine) is studied. 

   Function- based metagenomics: The genes with specific function such as vitamin or antibiotic production are extracted and studied.  (Click here to learn more)

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